Bigen Group opens office for level-4 lockdown

Bigen Group was pleased to welcome back to the office, on a rotational basis, 30% of its South African workforce from lockdown on Monday, 4 May 2020, subject to strict compliance with the risk-adjusted strategy and the staged repealing of the lockdown (Level 4) as announced by the South African President Mr Cyril Ramaphosa on 23 April 2020 for South Africa.

“The Bigen team is indeed relieved that the lockdown was eased somewhat and enthusiastic about going ahead full speed with ‘business unusual’ to meet our clients’ individual needs. With our Group’s strong focus on technology efficiency, we continue to provide quality services and deliver on our clients’ expectations, as was before the lockdown. We are taking all prescribed measures to eliminate the risk of infection amongst our employees as well as visitors such as clients, partners and suppliers,” comments Dr Snowy Khoza, Group CEO.

Bigen employees were thoroughly health screened and those selected to return to office were reminded to adhere to all safeguarding measures, such as physical distancing, wearing of masks and hand sanitising. The rest of the workforce continue to be fully operational and productive from home, interfacing seamlessly with their office-based counterparts by means of electronic communications and the Group’s innovative administrative network.

In line with government regulations, the Group’s safety measures for employees and visitors include:

  • Screening of all Bigen employees by means of a questionnaire to identify high-risk individuals – such as those with chronic conditions, over 60 years of age, low immune response and those displaying Covid- 19 symptoms – who are continuing to work predominantly from home; 
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of offices prior to reintegration as well as daily on an ongoing basis;
  • Checking and screening of temperatures of all persons entering Bigen offices using a specially developed tool;
  • Making soap dispensers, hand sanitisers and cloth masks to all persons at all entrances;
  • Making information available for persons interested in getting flu shots for all employees;
  • Limiting of site visits to those contractually mandated;
  • Limiting and regulating meetings in line with precautionary measures;
  • Using electronic media for communication as far as possible;
  • Prohibiting air domestic travel;
  • Regulating of road trips where urgently required;
  • Ensuring precautionary measures for those using public transport.

Employees who are continuing to work from home have been encouraged to keep up preventative measures as they provide a fully operational remote complement to the office-based team. In addition, employees in quarantine may not return to the office until they have officially tested negative. In compliance with government regulations, detailed weekly reports on office attendance and visits are recorded and monitored.

All visitors to any of the Bigen offices are required to complete the online questionnaire and are subjected to the Group’s safety measures as highlighted above.