Bigen Video Competition

Thank you for expressing an interest in our video competition.  We are delighted to have you on board and would like to share the following information with you to enlighten the brief:

A little bit about us

Bigen is a truly African group with its headquarters based in Mauritius and South Africa (where we have eight regional offices) and offices in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya and, Namibia. The group has been supporting African governments’ sustainable development goals by insightfully providing cost-effective infrastructure and socio-economic development solutions since 1972. Today, we are recognised as trailblazing change-makers, enabling socio-economic transformation in Africa where we have earned a solid reputation of delivering quality projects on time, on brief and within budget.

We provide innovative and sustainable infrastructure and engineering solutions in each of the bottom line areas of people, profit and planet in order to shape a better future for Africa. Creating joint value and synergistic benefits for all our stakeholders while ‘doing good while doing business’ is the nature of our game.

Being  a driver of socio-economic change in Africa through innovative, solution-focused engineering, advisory and infrastructure development, we are regarded as a powerful change maker in the agricultural, water and sanitation, real estate, transportation, energy, health and development advisory sectors. Our capabilities are internally resourced by skilled and registered professionals with solid track records and, together with key capability partners, we utilise Africa’s business opportunities to accelerate productivity, growth and economic prosperity for all who live here.


In this video we would like you to showcase our purpose of ‘doing good while doing business’ which is an expression of our business intent, culture and conduct.  Our undertaking is that, whatever we do, we will consistently benefit the communities where we work, our clients, stakeholders and employees, to improve the livelihoods and well-being of the people of Africa. At Bigen, we have come to realise that our heart belongs in Africa, with its people. We have a dream that, with innovation, courage, focus and energy, we can positively touch the lives of millions of people throughout the continent.   We constantly try to improve quality of life, and because of our projects, millions of people now have access to potable water, sanitation, roads, schools, electricity, healthcare and housing infrastructure. We are furthermore passionate about introducing the element of beneficiation on all our projects and as such, we have uplifted communities through skills development, localisation, job creation and economic inclusion of specifically the youth and women.

Our impact can be heard and seen in the song of women drawing water from a tap instead of from a well or river; the laughter of gainfully employed and empowered people; the sight of seamlessly integrated roads, rail and sea transportation of freight; and energy generation that lights up towns and homes at night.

These are the sounds and sights that result from our infrastructure development projects – a socio-economic imperative for sustainable growth in Africa that is helping a continent reach its potential. It is “doing good while doing business”, and we feel it in the very heartbeat of Bigen.


To give visual expression of the ways the Bigen Group makes its philosophy of ‘doing good while doing business’ a reality in African communities.


Documentary or any mix of genres that include documentary.


3 min



Number of entries

There is no limit on the number of entries

Production format


Delivery format

MPEG 4. Entries are to be delivered via WeTransfer to  or on USB hand delivered and deposited in the Tender submission box at reception, Bigen Group Headquarters, Alan Cormack street off Hotel street, corner Meiring Naude road, the Innovation Hub, Lynnwood, Pretoria, South Africa.

Please include a covering letter when submitting your entry explaining who you are and the rationale behind your video. Please make sure your full name, ID number and contact details are clearly indicated on your covering letter.

Sound final mix

Only royalty free music to be used


Entrants waive copyright of all video material and will be required to complete a copyright waiver form upon submitting their entry. No video material produced may be used for any other purpose than this competition and no monetary payments will be made other than the R 20 000 prize money for the winning entry.

Production arrangement

Bigen Group will assist production crews with access to construction projects, marketing collateral and corporate identity guidelines as required and permitted.  Kindly contact for any assistance you may require in this regard.

Closing date

The closing date is Friday 29 July 2022 at 12 noon.