Bigen’s response to the coronavirus

Bigen’s response to the coronavirus

Bigen as an organisation that delivers professional services to a variety of clients, is impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic in all African countries that it has operations. In South Africa the declared National State of Disaster will heavily impact upon our professional services delivery. In order to minimise the impact of national lockdowns and other Covid-19 operational restrictions, we have adopted various strategies to limit disruption to our professional service delivery mandate during such periods (Friday 27 March to Thursday 16 April 2020 in South Africa).


Bigen intends and commits that, to the extent permitted by national regulation, the provision of professional services under its respective assignments will continue. Bigen teams will be resourced to efficiently work from home on our assignments. Our strategic interventions will ensure that any essential services which must continue under national disaster regulations are delivered as expected. In addition, we will continuously interact with and instruct appointed contractors to make sure that our sites are safe and secure and construction risks are managed efficiently.


Bigen will regularly review these measures and communicate any changes. We count on your continued support as our clients, partners and suppliers. Any of you requiring further information should contact the Bigen team responsible for your projects.


We thank all for your kind support of our efforts to mitigate the Covid-19 impact on our teams and operations during this trying time.




Dr Snowy Khoza