Nelson Mandela Day – 18 July 2022

Traditionally Bigen has always joined countless people across the world in celebrating Nelson Mandela Day – inspired by global icon and former South African President Nelson Mandela – to support the less fortunate.  As such we have assisted many welfare organisations and NGO’s across the country with in kind and monetary support. 


For Nelson Mandela Day this year, Bigenites will again have the opportunity to make a difference where it is really needed – this time in the lives of the thousands of people left homeless after 40 000 homes were destroyed in the recent floods that devastated KwaZulu-Natal.


Having explored various opportunities, it was decided to join the non-profit organisation, Zero to Five, in its drive to provide food, blankets and other essentials to areas worst affected.  Zero to Five has a long-standing reputation of driving early childhood nutrition programmes and early childhood development centres in disadvantaged communities and are well connected with the communities affected by the floods.  We believe supporting them for our company-wide Nelson Mandela Day initiative is an effective way to help rebuild the devastated province in terms of feeding our vulnerable children.


A simple act of kindness can make a world of difference to a person in need at just the right moment, not only improving their material situation, but also restoring their faith in the goodness of mankind.  Let us once again open our hearts as one and help restore faith in humanity by “doing good while doing business” this Nelson Mandela Day!