National Education Infrastructure Management System (NEIMS)


Bigen was appointed as part of a consortium to assist the National Department of Education (DoE) with updating and enhancing the School Register of Needs.  The goal was to ultimately enable the department to develop a cost capital investment plan as part of the Asset Management Plan to guide capital investments in more than 30 000 education facilities over the next 20 years.

And the secondary goal was to develop an asset register for educational institutions and an infrastructure management system (IMS).  The consortium had three critical tasks:

  • Undertaking an assessment and audit of national public education institutions.
  • Developing an asset register.
  • Develop and implement the National Education Infrastructure Management System (NEIMS).



The information gathered and captured on the developed NEIMS database was the first comprehensive database off all schools in the RSA. The data served as the basis for future project planning as the following essential data was collected:

  • All infrastructure components (numbers & it’s condition)
  • Level of service
  • Compliance to Norms & Standards
  • Utilisation
  • Spatial data



  • Programme and project management services.
  • Assessment and audit of infrastructure assets.
  • Asset register development.
  • Gather / capture relevant school data useful for planning purposes.
  • Development of an Infrastructure Management System.

      SED impact

      Rolling out of various mega projects to improve the level of service of relevant infrastructure components to meet basic norms and standards – bucket eradication, borehole projects, fencing, inadequate classrooms, etc



      Development Advisory and Impact





      Real Estate