Improvement and Maintenance of Public Health Facilities in the Northern Cape


In the Northern Cape, South Africa’s largest but most sparsely populated province, access to quality healthcare services in the form of well-equipped hospitals and clinics are a major challenge. Getting treatment, even in an emergency, usually meant travelling long distances over rugged terrain to one of few facilities servicing large areas, and lining up in day-long queues just to see a nurse, let alone a medical doctor. This often led to detrimental or even fatal consequences for patients in desperate need of quality medical care. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has particularly exposed the fact that most health facilities in the Northern Cape are in desperate need of upgrading in the form of refurbishment, redevelopment and maintenance.



Realising that health facilities in the Northern Cape were inadequate to render even basic healthcare services, the Northern Cape Department of Health appointed Bigen as a Professional Service Provider to assist in lifting the healthcare profile of the Northern Cape Province through the refurbishment, redevelopment and maintenance of public hospitals as well as the provision of new facilities.



Since its appointment in 2018, the Group’s facility management initiatives include:

  • The management and co-ordination of repair and maintenance activities in more than 300 facilities in the Northern Cape
  • The management of planned and unplanned maintenance work in all 300+ facilities in the Northern Cape
  • Appointing term contractors and capacitate health facilities to do day to day minor and major maintenance work
  • Provision of service provider coordination services based on an approach of the integration of activities and functions to enhance the maintenance and repair project delivery of the Department
  • Provision of supplier management services to manage procurement of materials/goods/equipment as well as contractor and sub-contractor services from suppliers on behalf of the Department
  • Lead consulting and professional services for all engineering disciplines for the planning, design and implementation of the required engineering services to maintain and repair all existing health facilities and properties of the Department.


SED impact

  • Increased access to quality healthcare services
  • Increased economic activity contributing towards the economic recovery plan for South Africa
  • Job creation for local communities during the construction phase
  • Procurement and contract opportunities for local communities.



Development Advisory and Impact





Real Estate