The benefits of being a young professional in the consulting engineering sector

The benefits of being a young professional - Sphumelelo Dlamini

Imagine a world without engineers, a world where everyone still use pit latrine toilets, a world with no access to potable running water. Picture a world where individuals still used animals to commute, a world with no cars, no bridges, no technology, and no convenience.

Just envision a world without electricity, not your occasional load shedding; we all know how frustrating that experience could be. Nevertheless, imagine that darkness being your permanent world, just depict how unbearable it would be to live in such a world.

Every civil infrastructure, mechanical and electrical body around us and our community was design by an engineer. The engineering profession encompasses diverse disciplines, but we are all working collectively to solve challenges faced by humanity, with our mission as engineers being to provide solutions and make this world a better place.

As a young professional, I have a responsibility towards my community, and I am proud to be part of an occupation that is changing people’s livelihood for the better. I am very passionate about providing civil services, mostly to previously disadvantaged individuals. Being able to solve challenging engineering problems while making a lasting impact on people’s lives is the highlight of my career choice.

Engineers play a vital role in our communities, which is why it is crucial that we continue to train engineers and transfer skills from the older generation to the youth. Just as the youth of 1976 took the initiative to build a better future for themselves and the generations that came after them, it is our duty as today’s youth to design a better future for ourselves.

We may not be fighting the same battle as the youth of 1976, but we are also confronted by challenges that we need to liberate ourselves from, such as poverty, crime, unemployment, corruption, and health issues.

In the famous words of Mahatma Gandhi, with a twist, we need to bring forth  the change we wish to see in our world. The older generation of engineers created the achievements that have contributed to an improved quality of life. The youth of 1976 conceived the liberation we are enjoying today. Now the ball is on our court; we need to innovate solutions to the problems faced by humanity in our generation. Even though we are facing different challenges, we all share a common goal: to build a better future for all.

Sphumelelo Dlamini
Candidate civil Engineer