Sustainable growth in Africa’s agrarian economy will protect the welfare of the current and future generations of farmers as key contributors to realising the continent’s potential. This is where Bigen’s focus on agri-business development is adding life-changing value to Africa’s people.

Agriculture is a key driver of economic growth in Africa. As a staunch African-optimist, we believe that agricultural development can respond effectively to the complexity of the continent’s food needs. Our solutions are Africa-specific. Firmly rooted in African soil, we understand African challenges. Our multi-disciplinary approach optimises the socio-economic impact of infrastructure development to addresses real needs sustainably and with a lasting impact.

That is how our development footprint drives inclusivity, indigenisation, cohesion and human dignity in our commitment to liberate and empower Africa’s farmers, agricultural workers, women and the youth to help them build a better future.

That is why our agri-business focus is championing the growth of a sustainable agrarian economy within the region.

Doing good while doing business – it is the Bigen purpose.

As an infrastructure development leader, our agri-business focus is on creating sustainable development impact that safeguards the livelihoods of Africa’s people.

Bigen is uniquely placed to achieve project targets that help meet Africa’s sustainable development goals and support its role in addressing global challenges, such as climate change, urbanisation and water, food, health and energy security for clients in the public and private sectors and in civil society, continent-wide. Bigen’s sustainable agri-business practices, which include significant expertise in sustainable land and water resource management and the complementary developmental competencies of our partners, are contributing to sustainable living farms safeguarding the livelihood and well-being of farmers, farm workers and their families. We help farmers to improve the supply of high-quality produce safely to market and adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change to improve food security for all.

Our expert in

Dr Mias van der Walt

MD: Water