Socio-economic development

Uplifting and strengthening communities
As a responsible corporate citizen and partner of choice, Bigen has a rich legacy of contributing to Africa's sustainable social and economic development.
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"As we see poverty eradicated and quality of life improved, our satisfaction grows and is extended to our service providers and suppliers, our strategic partners across many African countries, who share our commitment to maximising socio-economic outcomes for our clients and communities"
Executive Chair: Dr Snowy Khoza

Featured project

Rugurama Park Estate Project
In the development plan of Kigali city in Rwanda, a housing shortage of 458 265 units has been identified, with the prime target market being middle-income households which represent about 25% of the city’s population. The Rugarama Park E...

People on the move

Newly-Appointed Principal Investment Officer
Newly appointed in a permanent capacity at the Bigen Group, chartered accountant Nan Mankai, has been a non-executive director at the company since 2012 and brings with her a clear vision of her contribution to its future growth trajectory.

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