We rise by uplifting others

Bigen is an infrastructure development activist on the African continent, and distinctly differentiated because of its unique and proactive commitment to make a real and lasting difference to people in need.

With the core vision to improve the quality of life of all through the development of sustainable infrastructure solutions, Bigen’s commitment to “doing good while doing business” drives all corporate social investment initiatives in the Group, including the very successful Akaretsa fund-raising programme.

This programme bears testimony to our social DNA of sincere concern and care for those in need. It is an audacious outreach to those who cannot help themselves! Growing support for Akaretsa – from the Group, management, employees, clients, partners and suppliers – raised the stakes over the years and substantial amounts have been donated to numerous beneficiaries over the years.

The Akaretsa focus is on projects that empower people and support sustainable community development such as education, skills development, jobs creation, medical care and community infrastructure. Cash is earmarked for specific, deserving non-profit organisations within our reach, to provide significant relief where it is needed most – these include PopUp, House David for Children, Sungardens Hospice, Funanani, Lerato House, Brainlife, Ditshego and the Sebokeng Hospital. Contributions in kind involve clean-up, maintenance or gardening input – or simply spending quality time with children living disadvantaged lives.

Our reward is the knowledge that by simply participating in this meaningful initiative, we help to bring understanding, comfort and access to facilities and care to people who suffer the consequences of a visionless present and a hopeless future.

At Bigen, we rise by uplifting others. Please join us in enabling the less fortunate. Our combined inputs can only snowball into a magnificent drive towards a more humane dispensation.

For more information on how to get involved email mthandazo.ngwenya@bigengroup.com.