Environmental services

As a passionate socio-economic activist and environmental champion, Bigen heeds environmental, social, occupational health and safety considerations in the delivery of sustainable infrastructure solutions. Through a robust partnership programme, Bigen is able to seamlessly integrate relevant external capabilities with its own multidisciplinary offering of services such as:

  • Environmental authorisations
  • Environmental management
  • On-site construction control
  • Social impact assessments, and
  • Occupational health and safety.

Our teams include qualified and skilled environmental engineers, scientists, sociologists, psychologists, economists and analysts with local and international experience in their respective fields. Bigen integrates this wealth of academic and professional expertise with excellent project management skills to ensure that public and private sector environmental and social challenges are adequately addressed.

Bigen’s partnership philosophy affords external stakeholders the opportunity to collaborate with us in creating a sustainable future for Africa. Please contact us to find out how we can, together, make a difference.