The Bigen Group business continues smoothly during lockdown

We as the Bigen leadership would like to reassure our clients, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders that we remain fully operational, 100% in business and available to assist and support at short notice during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

To the extent that it is permitted by national regulations, we continue to provide essential services on our respective assignments to ensure that they are running as planned. Business continuity is achieved through effectively resourcing our teams to work from home and by continually interacting with contractors to ensure that our project sites are safe and secure, and construction risks are managed efficiently.

Our strategic interventions ensure that any essential services which need to continue under national disaster regulations, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, are delivered as expected.

We remain committed to meeting infrastructure development challenges expertly and efficiently, despite the limitations imposed by the coronavirus pandemic and related lockdown.

We will contact our clients, suppliers and partners on a weekly basis to communicate any changes to the measures we have put in place, but will happily respond to enquiries as well. Please contact the Bigen team responsible for your project if you need more information.

We appreciate the valuable support received from our clients, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders during this trying time, and their kind efforts to help us mitigate the impact of the pandemic on our teams and operations. We pray that all of you remain safe and healthy during this time, and wish you a happy and blessed Easter!