Corporate Profile and Impact Report 2021

Why Bigen?

The Bigen Group is a driver of socio-economic change in Africa through innovative, solution-focused engineering, advisory and infrastructure development. We provide a broad spectrum of socio-economic, financial, technical, environmental and institutional services and is a powerful change maker in the agricultural, water and sanitation, real estate, transportation, energy, health, mining and development advisory sectors.

Wherever our activities and projects take us, we see it as our responsibility to improve quality of life by “doing good while doing business.” By enabling socio-economic transformation across Africa – one project at a time – we improve the quality of life in the many disadvantaged communities where we undertake projects. This mission to create development impact for both current and future generations in such communities has been formalised in our Vision 2021 five-year strategy and is also embraced in our Vision 2026 strategy, recently adopted.

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