The mixed typology and integrated infrastructure project in Postmasburg


The Tsantsabane Municipality, located in the Z.F. Mgcawu District Municipality of the Northern Cape in South Africa, faces many challenges including demand and supply imbalances, aging infrastructure, service backlogs, cost recovery insufficiencies and overall lack in funding. These challenges are intensified by recent economic activity associated with mining, agriculture and manufacturing and which has increased the demand for sustainable and adequate housing in their area of jurisdiction.



Upon this background, a 4460 unit mixed housing typology and integrated development in the Tsantsabane Municipality was approved for development by the Municipality and the Department of Cooperative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs of the Northern Cape Province (COGHSTA). This development aims to address some of the challenges and inadequacies previously identified specifically for the provision of housing opportunities and will be characterised partially as an Informal Settlement Upgrading (“ISUP”) Development as well as an Integrated Residential Development (“IRDP”).

All the required development rights have been obtained for the development which consists of a housing development component as well as of a link and bulk municipal infrastructure (civil and electrical infrastructure) component that must be refurbished and extended. The housing component of the project will be developed in the Postdene, Newtown, Mountain View and Greenfields areas and will provide the same level of municipal services for all people residing in these areas. Based on the integrated housing development principles the Postmasburg project will include subsidised housing units, social housing units (Community Rental Units – CRU’s) and the negotiation of the sale of the land for the bonded stands in the Greenfields area and other non-residential stands (serviced or un-serviced) on behalf of the Tsantsabane Local Municipality.


Bigen has been appointed as engineers, project managers and development managers on this project to provide the following services amongst others:

  • Upgrading refurbishment and extension of the link and bulk municipal infrastructure (water, sanitation, road, stormwater and electricity) for the entire Postmasburg area;
  • Installation / construction of the internal civil services (Water, sanitation, roads and storm water) for the for the Postdene, Mountain View and Greenfields areas;
  • Installation / construction of the roads and storm water for the Newtown area;
  • Construction of subsidized housing units in the Postdene, Mountain View, Greenfields and Newtown areas; and
  • In the interim, the Maranteng and Industrial informal settlements were provided with temporary / emergency services while the project is being developed. The provision of basic municipal engineering services that were funded from the temporary / emergency services grant were limited to water services, sanitation services, access roads and open lined storm water systems.


SED impact

  • Local economic development
  • Enterprise and supplier development
  • Skills development & training
  • Improved quality of life for residents benefitting from improved municipal infrastructure and subsidized housing opportunities
  • Job creation with 100 local direct jobs created, and 10 local sub-contractors appointed
  • R5.9 million spent on SMME’s



Development Advisory and Impact





Real Estate