Dr Victor Litlhakanyane

Executive Director

Dr Victor Litlhakanyane, a radiation and clinical oncologist by profession, has extensive experience in the medical and healthcare sectors and held various senior leadership positions in both the private and public sectors.

He held the position of Chief Director of Health in the Free State province for nine years after which he accepted the position as Executive Director and Chief Operations Officer for the private healthcare group, Netcare. In 2011, Dr Victor created Ditau Health Solutions, an African company developing innovative solutions for Africa’s health challenges, before accepting the position of Managing Director of Health at Bigen.

Managing Director: Health

A seasoned national healthcare expert with significant experience in health infrastructure planning and commissioning in the public and private sectors, Dr Victor Litlhakanyane heads up Bigen’s Health directorate and serves as a director on its board.

His vision is to lead the full spectrum of the Group’s infrastructure development in the public and private health sectors in Africa, from project preparation, health planning and design to project and facilities management.

Under his leadership, the health team is integrating the mechanical, electrical, structural, clinical planning, commissioning and facilities management disciplines to provide clients with best-fit solutions, such as the strategic location and design of hospitals and clinics.

With a recognised 30-year track record public private partnerships, hospital commissioning and clinical planning, as well as substantive experience and expertise in dealing with the challenges in the health sectors locally and in Africa, Victor believes in keeping an eye on the client’s bottom line without compromising safety or quality.

Victor’s passion for finding innovative solutions to complex problems and creating a sustainable legacy through infrastructure development ensure a consistent reduction in Bigen’s building energy footprint while providing clients and communities with low lifetime costs and cost-effective maintenance systems for the health infrastructure Bigen delivers.

Dr Victor Litlhakanyane was recently appointed an independent non-executive director of the board of Life Healthcare Group Holdings Limited, and will also serve as a member of the Clinical Governance, Quality and Safety Committee of the board.

“In the developing world, health and healthcare are deeply impacted by the level of development in a country, including that of infrastructure. I believe in and actively pursue the provision of access to sustainable health services, clean water and proper sanitation as game changers in improving societal wellness.”